How to Reset a Root Password

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Home About us. Something like this: In order to set up an http proxy you have to write the following command: You can easily modify the sudoers file running this command: I hope this will be useful as it was to me. Like this: Like Loading Comments 11 Trackbacks 1 Leave a comment Trackback.

Brilliant explanation! Works for OS X We stumbled over here from a different website and thought I may as well check things out.

How to Add a New Path to PATH at Command Line the Right Way

Extra resources. Very helpful information. Thank you for posting. Hello there I just checked out your website wordpress. Copy link Quote reply.

Installation Issues

Thanks a lot, 2 hours of pain solved! It worked!!

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Regardless, you can use PHP 5. Try the following Many thanks - very helpful. After following the steps which, vim command not working. Please help me to solve this. You have to close then re-open the terminal to see the effect. Tank you!! This switches it for the cli but apache might still be using the old php.

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Thanks A lot. I was using oh-my-zsh. Thank you! It works like a charm! Thanks it is solved my problem in mac too. Can someone share the commands to set it back to default? Thank you so much. If you're using macport you can just do this: Thanks a lot. This works for me. This worked for me. I just changed the PHP version that I was using. I did a manual install. I get an error message: It was successfully installed: Thanks, this works perfectly! Command not found That is weird.

Troubleshooting AWS CLI Errors

Undefined variable. Interesting, because php5. So, what am I missing here? Thank you for your patience reading my misery. No such file or directory. Permission denied. Many thanks man: So make sure that the folder with the correct php version is placed first in the PATH variable. It works! Thanks bro!! Years down the line, and this just saved me a whole lot of "googling". It worked perfectly.

Thank you so much Thanks for this. It worked for me. File and Folder Management 4. Searching 5.

Process Management 6. Networking 7. Web Development 9. Pipe content to file on MacOS Desktop lr: Search manpage given in agument '1' for term given in argument '2' case insensitive displays paginated result with colored search terms and two lines surrounding each hit. Creates a file of 10mb size all zeros cdf: Find file whose name ends with a given string spotlight: Recommended 'top' invocation to minimize resources Taken from this macosxhints article http: List processes owned by my user: For use when booted into single-user cleanupDS: Recursively delete.

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