You should not let the animal notice you. Also, do not let it come close to you. The best way to avoid being noticed is to draw close to the animal stealthy and from behind.

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Also, make sure you kill the animal with just one shot. This way, your life will not be in danger out there in the wild and all alone.

Maybe you are planning on going for hunting sometimes in the nearest future and you would like to have a feel of how hunting feels. Then you need to download this game as it will open your eyes to the alluring world of wild hunting. With this game, you will get a hang of it and you can stand your ground when the actual real life hunting begins. The game is adventurous and simply unforgettable. If care is not taken, you may become the hunted in this game instead of being the hunter. So as to prevent this from happening, you need to consider the points highlighted below. The game was last updated on the 9 th of September Since its release till date, it had been downloaded more than 1,, times already.

It is an action packed game like none other. You can easily download the game on PC and have more fun than ever before. The animals will be bigger since the field of view becomes wider. It will also be easier to take your aims against the animals since the whole scenario will be much bigger than ever before.

‎4x4 Offroad Racing on the Mac App Store

What tool do you need to make this possible? There is no other tool to bridge the gap between a mobile operating system and a desktop operating system than Andy OS. So if you want to have more fun and get entertained better in this game, get Andy OS downloaded on your PC.

The process is simple and straightforward. With Andy OS, never again will you be limited to the small field of view obtainable on your Smartphone or tablet; you can take things to the next level by accessing the game on your 17 inches laptop or desktop computer. The game is built to also support both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Your email address will not be published. Sponsored Links. Comments 0.

4x4 EVO 2 hits the Mac

Leave A Comment Cancel Reply. Post Comment. Real City Car Driver Speed past the city. Driving A different type of driving game. Drag Racing: Bike Edition Racing your highly tuned motorcycle.

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Download Drag Racing 4x4 1. Free Download for Android.

A Wonderful Car Racing Game

User reviews about Drag Racing 4x4 Review. Disney Princess Majestic Quest.

Days Bygone - Castle Defense. Easy MP3 Descargar v2. SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Hellraid: The Escape.

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